HOT NEWS / ពត៏មានទាន់ហេតុការណ៍

ហាងយើងខ្ញុំត្រូវការជ្រើសរើសបុគ្គលិកផ្នែកលក់ បើមានចំណាប់អារម្នណ៏សូមផ្ញើ ប្រវត្តិរូប មក កាន់ dragoncomputerkh@gmail.com / ពណ៏មានផ្សេងៗ 089/081 886778

ABOUT US អំពីយើងខ្ញុំ

Dragon Computer has established more than 2 years in Phnom penh with its own building. We started with small and growth to be the most favorite computer shop among local.

In 2017, We become an authorized partner from  MSI Notebook,  selling all branded products such as Apacer, Kingston, Transcand, Adata, Cosiar, Cooler master, Kingdian, Pendrive, and more.

In 2017, we granted an approval to open MSI concept store in Cambodia and late 2017 we granted best seller award from Acer and received an authorized reseller from HP.

In 2018, January we awarded best growth of the year for MSI notebook.